Day 32 of #100DaysOfHomelab

June 20, 2023

Day 32 of #100DaysOfHomelab was focused on getting my local DNS resolution working the way it should be from Day 31's cutover to the Unifi Dream Machine Pro.

What I discovered early on, is that I had not set the DNS server on each subnet's DHCP settings to the UDM Pro, so it was forwarding to Cloudflare's instead which would not let it find my localdomain of .lan. Adding that configuration fixed that issue and now I can tag hosts with a fixed ip / hostname and it all propogates correctly!

Next up was updating Home Asssistant to version 10.3 which came out recently. Given that I was reconfiguring sensors with their new IPs / hostnames; I figured may as well update.

Lastly, I added PiHole to serve as a local DNS server. It allows me to do split horizon DNS where the domain name I use for my homelab is pointed locally at the Traefik webserver instead of at my Routers WAN IP address. This also lets me remove some traffic restrictions that would otherwise be implemented with Authelia.

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