Day 31 of #100DaysOfHomelab

June 20, 2023

Day 27 of #100DaysOfHomelab was the cutover day from PfSense into the Unifi Dream Machine Pro. A lot went well, and a lot went not so well.

The migration itself went well, I took backups of everything on the PfSense side, including taking screenshots of all the existing DHCP reservations and static IP allocations along with MAC addresses to be sure I had them just in case. The cutover took about 10 minutes for the UDM Pro to boot, request a new IP from my ISP and get everything squared away. I did have to change the default subnet from (which I was using for testing to avoid IP conflicts) to my exisitng subnet, but other than that the migration of the Unifi Controller and the switches and APs all happened automatically.

The part that went poorly was all around DNS. Yes just like the haiku, it was DNS. I failed to realize that the UDM Pro's DNS implementation for local addresses for things like hostname.local doesn't span VLANs. So many of the things on my network would reach out to truenas.local but since it was on another VLAN it wouldn't return an IP. This meant a lot of things like my Plex server failed to mount their storage until I manually entered the IP address into the configs instead of the DNS name.

I did finally get everything working and now I'm looking into a solution for the DNS issue. I thought mDNS would have solved it but I either am missing a firewall rule, or Unifi's implementation doesn't work like that. If I have to, I can always host a PiHole or run something like unbound on a raspberry pi to help faciliate local address DNS.

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