Day 16 of #100DaysOfHomelab

June 5, 2023

Day 16 started with another fun power outage. This time with a transformer blowing and knocking out the power for 4 hours.

Thankfully in Day 15 I had changed out the batteries with the new ones and they performed great. It gave me time to double check everything was still running and shut down the storage and application servers manually.

While I do have TrueNAS configured to shut down based on the connected UPS status, I still haven't yet configured everything to auto shut down using  NUT (Network UPS Tools) which has the ability to shutdown multiple servers.

Thankfully TechnoTim has a tutorial for configuring NUT that I'm working on implementing tonight on my POE Powered Raspberry PI 4 thats in my network rack. That should ensure it can talk to any server it needs to, after the power has been out for at least 90 seconds. Being powered by POE means that if the UPS does drain, and the network switch goes offline, it should repower the Pi once power is restored and ensure that the servers come back online properly if they didn't already trigger on AC power on.