Day 13 of #100DaysOfHomelab

June 2, 2023

As a continuation of Day 12, I focused on fixing the NVIDIA GPU issue I was facing on my docker host. After some back and forth, I discovered that the nvidia-headless-525 package doesn't include both libnvidia-encode-525 or libnvidia-decode-525 which are needed for the Docker apps I was having trouble with. Installing those fixed the issue and Plex / Frigate are now processing with hardware acceleration again!

After fixing that a quick call to the nvidia-patch script to unlock more features of the consumer GPU yeilded this, and we were good to go!

root@docker-gpu:~/nvidia-patch-master# ./
Detected nvidia driver version: 525.105.17
Attention! Backup not found. Copying current to backup.
dfbd880de485d368b3ee633dacf235fd8fac3ee0  /opt/nvidia/libnvidia-encode-backup/
17d03db36638a80fc3d6a5374dde180e6857e71e  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/