Day 11 of #100DaysOfHomelab

May 31, 2023

Today's work is all about HomeAssistant. The first thing I had to take care of was a bunch of updates to the ~30 or so ESPHome based devices we have.

This is mostly Martin Jerry smart switches flashed with ESPHome along with some smart plugs of various brands and some custom built sensor boxes which monitor motion, temperature and humidity.

Thankfully HA makes this easier with the newer interface so its mostly just clicking each update button and wating.

Next was updating HomeAssistantOS to the latest version which was released late last week.

The final thing was to create a new automation for Bedtime. I currently have a few buttons I click to turn off my office lights at night, make sure the garage is closed, turn off our frontyard and backyard landscape lights, and turn on a few nightlights for 5 minutes while I make my way upstairs.

Now I can click one button to start all of those items instead of clicking them individually.