Day 2 of #100DaysOfHomelab

May 22, 2023

Day 2 was eventful as it started with a 4 hour power outage that unfortunately showed me that something is wrong with my CyberPower UPS which immediately shut off even though it was reporting 34 mins of run time available. That's usually more than enough time to gracefully shut down storage / app servers and keep my network equipment online.

After power was restored I updated a bunch of K8s dependencies that Mend Renovate prepared. Its always cool to see Flux apply those after the branch merges.

The final thing was an attempt to get the K8s cluster to proxy traffic to some of my existing services that I don't want to cut over yet. That way I can point my entire homelab domain at the K8s core dns service and not worry about individually managing DNS records. While I can hit the endpoint, I'm still working through issues getting it to properly proxy via the NGINX ingress