Featured on the Laravel News Podcast

May 23, 2017

Super happy to say I was able to join Michael Dyrynda and Jacob Bennett on the Laravel News Podcast this past Friday!

I first met both Michael and Jacob at previous Laracons, so it was great to talk to them again!

In anticipation for Laracon US 2017, they are doing a "Laracon Sessions" series with each speaker to get to know them better and get a preview of what each may be talking about.

I'll be speaking on Building Multi-Tenant Apps in Laravel. I'm hoping to cover different types of apps, strategies you can take, and how to deal with the inevitable rough edges of the framework while building such an app. If you have specific questions about running a MT app that you'd like to see covered in my talk, be sure to submit them on this Google Form and I'll do my best to address them :)

Lastly, be sure to checkout the podcast episode!

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